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We offer a great range of tropical fishmarine fish aswell as pond fishFish tankspond liner, pumps and filters, fish food and treatments - we stock a huge range of quality products and our experienced staff are keen to help with your aquatics needs. Fish Club members receive 10% off their livestock purchases. Reptiles and equipment are available in our Wellington and Bridgwater stores. Our pond installation team are available to restore and build larger pond projects and install water features.

Pond Contructions

These are some of our recent pond installations.

  • Pondrenovation in Somerset

    Pondrenovation in Somerset

    My client called in June 2014 after visiting one of our established shops located near the town of Wellington, Somerset. She and her husband were in the process of purchasing a fantastic property near Wellington. The house had a very large, clay lined pond that required some work. My team and I were fully booked until the end of August and so we made arrangements to undertake this client’s pond renovation in September.

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  • Construction of large pond in Devon

    Construction of large pond in Devon

    In June 2014 we were contacted by a customer who was looking for someone experienced to finish his 96000 gallon pond project wasting as little pond liner as possible. As this is always our aim, we measured and photographed the pond during our initial visit. No one wants to pay for liner they don't use, so the measuring is a crucial part of any pond project.

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  • Raised Brick Pond with waterfall unit and Oase filter / UV

    Raised Brick Pond with waterfall unit and Oase filter / UV

    A client living in Seaton contacted us after a friend of his gave him one of our flyers. He had moved to the area a few years ago and moved his fish with him. Another Aquatic company built him a pond which was not quite what he had hoped for. When I arrived at his very lovely home I found a pond that was so green he couldn't see or enjoy his koi. We talked in depth about what he had imagined for the pond and took the time to consider where in the garden he and family spend their time and how to best view the pond.

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  • Swimming Pond Installation

    Swimming Pond Installation

    We were asked to consult on this customer’s pond as they had found it difficult to find a company that could resolve the technical difficulties involved in this project. The pond measured 30 metres x 16 metres and was set in the most wonderful location. The base of the pond had 12” of clay which made working on the pond slow and difficult and at first view, impossible to lay underlay and a rubber liner.

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